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Enterprise VisitStep into the Citibank, Experience the Foreign Bank Culture.

At the afternoon of January 7th. and January 8th., the students of UIBE Short-term Program visited the headquarter of Citibank in Beijing.

RetrospectThe Fourth Opening Ceremony for UIBE Short-term Program

In December the 25th, the long-expected Fourth UIBE Short-term Program finally welcomed the international students in Australia.

【Enrollment】The Fourth UIBE Short-term Program Enrollment Notice

It’s only one week before the opening of the Fourth UIBE Short-term Program, and you guys must be so excited and desired.


Student Artwork

The films screened in 2017 were self-produced, self-directed and self-acted by the fourth UIBE Short-term Program film students. In this film class, most students were not major in film. However, the students all have made a great progress in every movie links including the subject rich, social attention, depth of thought, film ideas and details of the lens during the course.


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The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), located at capital of China-Beijing, is a national key university and serves as a research base for the Chinese administration. It's also in the first rank which were put in the list of “Project 211” Universities.


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